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Corn-Free Baking Powder

Sometimes little things like a simple corn-free baking powder substitute can make a big difference in someone’s life when they have food allergies/sensitivities.

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When I found out I had a list of foods I was sensitive to, I was both glad (because I wanted to feel better) and somewhat overwhelmed because there were a lot of changes I was suddenly faced with as far as what I could and could not eat.                                                     

As you may have noticed, I enjoy baking more than cooking, and finding replacements for common ingredients was a real quest, especially 20 years ago. Luckily more and more grocery stores are starting to carry some of these less common allergy-free foods, but if you live in a remote area like I do, making your own can be a real advantage and money saver.

There are pre-made products like Gefen Baking Powder  and Goldbaums Baking Powder that are both gluten and corn-free if that is preferable.

Or try one of my homemade versions:


 Corn-Free Baking Powder:

Option 1:     (large batch)

1/4 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cream of tartar

1/4 cup arrowroot powder or tapioca flour/starch

Whisk ingredients together and store in an airtight container in a cool dry place. Use exactly as you would baking powder


Option 2:    (small batch)

1 tablespoon baking soda

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 tablespoons arrowroot or potato starch

Whisk together and store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. Use as you would baking powder.

For more allergy-friendly cooking and baking substitutes, pop over here: Gluten-Free Flour Blends For Cooking & Baking and Milk & Egg Substitutes ~ Baking & Meal Preparation.



Happy Baking!


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  1. Did you mean 1 TBS of arrowroot on the smaller recipe? Or are there different proportions for different sizes?

    1. Hi Ann!
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention ☺️ YES, it would be 1 tablespoon of arrowroot. I will fix that on my site.
      Take care

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