Seasoned Baked Tofu ~ How To Make
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Seasoned Baked Tofu ~ How To Make

I am a huge fan of seasoned baked tofu, and I am super excited to show you how to make it. Tofu is one of my favorite add-in foods to stir-fries, rice dishes, and salads. I like the chewy texture and the extra flavor it provides. There are endless ways to season tofu, but the…

Healthy Pumpkin Half-Domes  ~ Gluten-Free
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Healthy Pumpkin Half-Domes ~ Gluten-Free

I knew right away these healthy pumpkin half-domes would become a favorite at my house. Pumpkin half-dome cookies can be a dessert or a snack. We take them on long bike rides and hikes, and I often will grab one before a workout.  Even though they aren’t super sweet cookies, they are incredibly flavorful from…