Flourless Chocolate SunButter S'mores Cookies
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Flourless Chocolate SunButter S’mores Cookies

Flourless Chocolate SunButter S’mores Cookies are scrumptious gluten, peanut, corn, and dairy-free sensations. The chocolate SunButter is less rich than some, resulting in a perfectly mild chocolate-flavored cookie. If dairy isn’t a problem adding a couple of Reese’s pieces to each cookie is fun, otherwise, add some extra chocolate chips to the dough or on…

gluten-free chocolate peanut butter balls
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GF Dusted Chocolate Snowballs ~ Vegan option

These dreamy GF Dusted Chocolate Snowballs are going to melt in your mouth.  In fact, these delicate cookies remind me of another holiday cookie…do you know which ones I am talking about?  Mom’s Russian Tea Cookies are truly a holiday favorite. I have made these cookies with regular flour and gluten-free flour blends. You absolutely…