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Seafood Fettuccine – A gluten free dinner idea

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This seafood fettuccine is a really quick and easy dish that taste like you spent hours in the kitchen.

The fish you choose is entirely up to you, though the base stays the same. I have made this with shrimp, scallops, crab, tilapia, and cod. I usually use 2 additional types of fish along with the clams. Just know that if you add  LOTS of fish you might want to double everything else in the recipe so there is enough sauce.

The sauce is gluten free and the fettuccine is your choice, regular or gluten free. Maybe you are like me and make a pot of each. Leftovers are great too, just pop it in the microwave.

I used a gluten free soybean fettuccine for my gluten free noodle, Gafell Fettuccine made from Green Soybeans, I like this pasta because of the mild flavor. It’s low fat and high in protein…plus it only takes 5 minutes to cook!  This soybean pasta would be perfect with my Mushroom Stroganoff as well. Click on the link to visit their site.

Seafood Fettuccine                   Serves    4

1 Tbsp minced garlic or 2 fresh cloves
2 cans minced or chopped clams, drained and liquid reserved
1 8oz bottle clam juice
1 Tbsp chopped parsley, dried will work too
1/4 tsp basil leaves
Dash of pepper
1 1/2 -2 Tbsp corn starch
30-45 large cooked prawns, a couple of pieces of cod, scallops, or any combination of fish you like.
 Our favorite combination is cod and  prawns along with the clams.
Amounts aren’t as important, just put in the amount you like. We happen to like a lot of fish in ours.
1/2 cup water
Grated Parmesan cheese, the real stuff!  No cheese for yeast free diets.
Regular or gluten free fettuccine noodles, cooked.

In a large skillet cook fish with a little water and the lid on over medium to high heat. Toss around during the cooking. Watch closely this doesn’t take very long. When fish is cooked through, I like to cut the scallops in smaller pieces using the edge of the turner. I also break up the cod as it is cooking.

Remove juice from pan reserving about 2 Tbsp, add garlic and other seasonings. Saute for about 3 minutes. Add reserved liquid from clams and clam juice. Mix corn starch with water and add to pan. Mix well and simmer stirring often until mixture thickens a little. This is not a thick type of sauce, but it is full of flavor.

Serve over cooked fettuccine noodles. Top with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, if not dairy free, and enjoy left overs the next day!!

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