Powerhouse Kale Salad with homemade Sunflower Seed Dressing
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Powerhouse Kale Salad With Sunflower Seed Dressing

This mighty Powerhouse Kale Salad With Sunflower Seed Dressing could be a meal by itself. Every single chopped and sliced vegetable adds something special to every bite, but I must say, the seasoned tofu and sweet potatoes baked to a crispy crunch are my favorite part. The original recipe is from Laura Wright at www.thefirstmess.com,…

the best layered salad
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7 Layer Salad ~ Dairy & Egg-Free Options

This 7 layer salad is the most requested salad I have ever made. It’s also my favorite dish on Thanksgiving and Easter. All the flavors and textures are absolutely perfect together, and to be quite honest, I can hardly put down my fork in between bites! Think big when you choose a bowl to serve…

how to cut a watermelon
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How To Pick And Cut A Watermelon – No-Fail tips

How to pick and cut a watermelon… There’s nothing quite like a sweet juicy watermelon but sometimes selecting one can be tricky business. With that said…I wasn’t very good at picking a sweet, juicy watermelon. My mom is a pro at this. She thumps on a few of those big round, sometimes oval-shaped fruits and…

Zesty Italian Pasta Salad  ~ Gluten & Dairy-Free Options
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Zesty Italian Pasta Salad  ~ Gluten & Dairy-Free Options

  I love colorful food like this Zesty Italian Pasta Salad.  This is one of our favorite recipes. Every bite is full of different textures and flavors…it keeps the meal interesting and delicious.   Pasta salad is perfect for any picnic or barbecue. Of course, it can also be a meal on its own with…

homemade potato salad with dairy-free option
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 Old Fashioned Potato Salad  ~ Gluten & dairy-free options

My grandma, like so many grandmothers…made the best old-fashioned potato salad! I use to love picking the extra big chunks of potatoes out of the salad when I was little. A creamy, homemade salad dressing is a “win-win” as you will find with this potato salad. The dressing is actually my mom’s recipe, and it…

easy macaroni salad with gluten and dairy-free options
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Macaroni Salad ~ Gluten and Dairy-Free Options

This macaroni salad is nothing fancy; it just has a good old-fashioned taste. It can also be made gluten and dairy-free; substitute your macaroni for gluten-free and check the label of your dressing. Miracle Whip is gluten-free and lactose-free. Add some crumbled bacon or sliced olives for variety and pizazz. This is how we love…

Trio-Color Quinoa & Beans ~ Gluten-free & heart healthy
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Trio-Color Quinoa & Beans ~ Gluten-free & heart healthy

Trio-Color Quinoa and red quinoa are my two favorite varieties of this popular superfood. All varieties of quinoa are highly nutritious. Quinoa is gluten-free, non-GMO, and believe it or not, it’s not considered a grain. That’s right; it is a seed that is prepared and eaten like a grain. Quinoa has a high nutrient content…

Grandma's Coleslaw
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Grandma’s Coleslaw ~ Gluten-free, vegan option

  My Grandma’s coleslaw was the only coleslaw I think I ever liked, besides KFC. Coleslaw is really a “must-have” with pulled pork sandwiches! What is the big deal you might ask… try it, I think you will agree. If you haven’t made coleslaw before, not to worry! It’s simple, especially since you can buy…